EHCI rocks Serbian parliament

Invited by the parliament in Belgrade, HCP yesterday presented the EHCI and the outcomes of Serbia. In the parliament committé of health there was a strong wish to learn from the EHCI findings how to improve Serbian healthcare, placed last in this year´s Index. Around 100 MEP:s, NGO:s, medical profession and national authorities attended the three hour session in the parliament.

– We found it remarkable that the Serbian minister of health as well as national experts declared that EHCI is a solid platform for learning and systematic improvement, says Dr Arne Bjornberg, leader of the EHCI research team. Given the poor ranking in the Index, we had expected more of denial from Belgrade.

– Among the numerous NGO:s in the hall there was a common outcry for patient empowerment and reform to ensure that weak groups, such as children with rare diseases, will be sure of adequate care, explains Johan Hjertqvist, HCP founder and president. Tomorrow Thursday we´ll continue the discussion with the minister of health with the ambition to locate common ground for future co-operation. There is a potential for constructive exchange of ideas!

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