Euro Diabetes Index in an updated 2014 edition!

In 2008 HCP published the Euro Diabetes Index (EDI), delivering valuable facts and analysis of the situation around Europe for people with diabetes. This disease is a major threat to public health in Europe. The 2008 Index pointed to Denmark, France and UK as the countries which were addressing the diabetes problem most successfully, setting examples for good practice of prevention and treatment.

Since then, the HCP has had the ambition to follow up with a repeated study to measure what has happened during the interval. We are happy to announce the 2014 Euro Diabetes Index, to be developed by our research partner, the European Institute of Healthcare Information (EIHI), Stockholm, on a development grant from MSD International.

РIn 2008, the low quality of diabetes prevalence data made it impossible to draw conclusions on actual treatment outcomes, and also on parameters such as use of medication. This situation seems to have improved significantly in the last five years, and we hope to see very interesting results in the 2014 edition, says Dr. Arne Björnberg, EIHI Chairman.