Newsletter, September 2013

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EHCI Newsletter September 2013

Dear friends,

Summer is over and a season of intense HCP launch
and research is in front of us.
Please take notice of the following events:

2013 Euro Vision Scorecard (EVS)
How well does European sight loss prevention and care work? What
improvement is needed? This new HCP study of visual impairment in
15 European countries will provide answers.

EVS will be published at World Sight Day, Oct 10. The study is
sponsored by Novartis AG.

You are welcome to attend the web presentation that will be
available from 1000 hrs CET at

2013 Euro Health Consumer Index (EHCI)
Time again soon for the annual flagship comparison and
analysis of European healthcare! Assessing the performance
of 35 national healthcare systems EHCI will tell you about
the impact from the financial crisis; is healthcare still
improving or will the long-term, positive trend make a dip?
The 2013 EHCI is adding new indicators, providing more
information than ever, with Prevention as a new sub-discipline.

EHCI will be published Nov 28. There will be a web seminar
and an invitee only presentation in Brussels. If you are
interested in these events, please get in touch:

2014 Euro Pancreas Cancer Index (EPCI)
Pancreas cancer is among the most fatal cancers, challenging medical
research for curative drugs. EPCI will look into the European landscape
to investigate to what extent there are preventive measures and what
life-prolonging therapies and palliative care is available.

EPCI will be published Jan 29, 2014. The study is sponsored by Celgene Inc.
We’ll come back with more information about the launch. Please direct
questions about the ongoing project to:

New Index project to start:
Euro Diabetes Index to be updated!
In 2008 HCP published the inaugural Euro Diabetes Index (EDI),
delivering valuable facts and analysis of the situation around Europe
for people with diabetes. Since then, we have had the ambition to
follow up with an updated study, to measure what has happened
during the interval. We are happy to announce there will be a 2014
Euro Diabetes Index, to be developed by our research partner,
the European Institute of Healthcare Information, Stockholm, on a
development grant from MSD International.

HCP looks for sponsors:
Inviting sponsors to the 2015 Global Alzheimer
Disease Index (GADI)
During September, HCP has the pleasure of inviting sponsors to engage
in our two-year research venture on Alzheimer. The plan is to start
the work during the spring of 2014, with a final report in the late
autumn of 2015.

We are presently approaching sponsors. For further information,
please contact:

Inviting sponsors to the 2014 Euro Health Consumer Index
(10 yrs)

The 2014 EHCI will be part of the HCP 10th anniversary activities.
We invite sponsors to support the continuous development of this
leading quality assessment and marketing facility.

This jubilee index package will for the first time offer the
opportunity of targeted, in-demand studies with exclusive admission.
For a discussion about this proposal, please address:

Health Consumer Powerhouse Ltd.

Johan Hjertqvist, LLM
Founder & President
    Arne Björnberg, PhD
Chairman & COO