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Welcome to the launch of the 2014 Euro Health Consumer Index (EHCI) January 27, 2015, in Brussels

Published 8/1/2015

Since 2005, Health Consumer Powerhouse has compared the performance of European healthcare to increase transparency, empower patients and drive outcomes. The EHCI has become an “industry standard” of modern, well-serving healthcare. As the European Commission now will develop methods to assess the member state health systems, the EHCI sets an example. Assessment strategies will be […]

Narrative guide to the 2014 Euro Diabetes Index

Published 25/8/2014

This Guide has been produced by HCP to provide information for organisations who are involved in raising awareness about the Index and support you in your activities to use the Euro Diabetes Index in your countries. It includes: Information about the Index, key findings, how it can be used and how it was produced Specific […]

HCP News August 2014

Published 24/8/2014

Click here to view this message in your web browser.                HCP Newsletter August 2014 Welcome to follow the launch of the 2014 Euro Diabetes Index! Where in Europe do you find the best diabetes care? The new Euro Diabetes Index reveals where there has been improvement and standstill in the development of diabetes care […]

HCP News July 2014

Published 9/7/2014

               HCP Newsletter July 2014 Before the summer break, a quick update on the work of Health Consumer Powerhouse: EDI 2014 September 17 the new Euro Diabetes Index (EDI) will be published during the EASD congress in Vienna (50th Annual Meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes). The EDI will show how […]

How can Greece repair its broken healthcare system in the midst of the financial crises?

Published 24/6/2014

At the Athens Health Forum June 24–25, 2014 a number of international experts provide advice. Here´s the presentation made by Johan Hjertqvist, HCP founder & president. Download the presentation (PDF)

Bloomberg quotes Health Consumer Powerhouse on the Pfizer bid for Astrazeneca

Published 14/5/2014

Read the article here

Euro Pancreatic Cancer Index 2014 Webinar, Brussels, March 18 2014

Published 20/3/2014

Euro Pancreatic Cancer Index 2014

Published 18/3/2014

The 2014 Euro Pancreatic Cancer Index (EPCI) was published March 18. Below you find the full index report, the outcomes matrix, a summary and the national media releases. Download the report Download the index matrix Download the summary Download the launch presentation Local press releases Austria Belgium (fr, fl) Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark […]

Euro Pancreatic Cancer Index 2014, Pre-Launch Webinar

Published 24/2/2014

Dr. Arne Bjornberg interviewed on Croatian TV news program Paralele

Published 17/2/2014