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March 18: Pancreatic cancer index launch!

Published 13/2/2014

The first ever assessment and comparison of pancreatic cancer care in Europe – the European Pancreatic Cancer Index (EPCI) – will be published on March 18, 2014. The EPCI has been developed by the Health Consumer Powerhouse (HCP), with the assistance of an unrestricted grant from Celgene. Pancreatic cancer is known as a “silent killer”, […]

Welcome to join Diabetes Index survey

Published 7/2/2014

You can contribute your views on your country’s Diabetes care in 2014! The first edition of the “Euro Diabetes Care Index” was published in 2008. An updated edition of the index will be published in September 2014, freely accessible for all on this website. The INDEX is designed to measure the user-friendliness and the levels […]

Interview: “Majority of PC patients remain untreated”

Published 27/1/2014

Interview for the EPCI Facebook forum with dr Michael. B. Mortensen, professor of Surgery, HPB Centre, Odense University Hospital, Denmark, and member of the 2014 Euro Pancreatic Cancer Index (EPCI) Expert Panel. “Majority of pancreatic cancer patients remain untreated, says EPCI expert” Professor Mortensen, the EPCI will be the first ever open comparison of pancreatic […]

Soon the Pancreatic Cancer Index !

Published 3/1/2014

HCP to launch the Euro Pancreatic Cancer Index in February 2014: a wake-up call? Pancreatic cancer also known as a “silent killer” is the third largest cause of death among cancers in the EU. Despite this, little has been done to date to assess the medical care given to pancreatic cancer patients across Europe. That […]

Photos and Video from the EHCI 2013 Launch

Published 20/12/2013

Click on an image to enlarge. Introduction by Johan Hjertqvist, Founder and President of Health Consumer Powerhouse Speech by Dr. Vytenis Andriukaitis, Minister of Health, Lithuania Presentation of the 2013 EHCI by Dr. Arne Björnberg, Chairman and COO ofHealth Consumer Powerhouse EHCI 2013 Acceptance speech by Evert-Jan van Asselt, Dutch Ministry of Health Closing remarks […]

EHCI rocks Serbian parliament

Published 17/12/2013

Invited by the parliament in Belgrade, HCP yesterday presented the EHCI and the outcomes of Serbia. In the parliament committé of health there was a strong wish to learn from the EHCI findings how to improve Serbian healthcare, placed last in this year´s Index. Around 100 MEP:s, NGO:s, medical profession and national authorities attended the […]

EHCI Newsletter, December 2013

Published 10/12/2013

               EHCI Newsletter December 2013 Dear friends, After an intense autumn, we have the pleasure of providing our readers with a quick update as Christmas approaches. Please take notice of the following events – See more at: and @HCPhealthindex! EHCI the top gun, admits the European Commission The Euro Health Consumer Index measurements started […]

Increased rationing of new pharmaceuticals

Published 4/12/2013

As is shown by the new EHCI, (indicators 6.3 – 6.5, explained in section 9.11.6), saving on the introduction/deployment of drugs, particularly novel, patented (expensive) drugs, seems to be a very popular tactic for containing healthcare costs in many countries. This has been observed also in previous HCP Indices. While thorough healthcare reform is quite […]

Swedish healthcare downgrade top news today

Published 3/12/2013

The downgrade of Swedish healthcare by the 2013 Euro Health Consumer Index (EHCI) was hot media news today! Dagens Nyheter: Svensk sjukvård sämst i Norden (Google translated link) Svensk sjukvård sämst i Norden (Google translated link) TV4 Nyhetsmorgon den 3 december kl 08:02 Göteborgs Posten: Svenska patienter har längst väntetid i Europa (Google translated […]

Time to abandon single-payer healthcare?

Published 2/12/2013

All public healthcare systems share one problem: Which technical solution should be used to funnel typically 8 – 11 % of national income into healthcare services? There are in Europe – with a few exceptions – two ways of doing so: “Bismarck” healthcare systems (named from the German statesman introducing the first European “welfare state” […]