Soon the Pancreatic Cancer Index !

HCP to launch the Euro Pancreatic Cancer Index in February 2014: a wake-up call?

Pancreatic cancer also known as a “silent killer” is the third largest cause of death among cancers in the EU. Despite this, little has been done to date to assess the medical care given to pancreatic cancer patients across Europe. That is about to change: in February 2014 the Health Consumer Powerhouse will publish the first ever assessment and comparison of pancreatic cancer care in Europe – the European Pancreatic Cancer Index (EPCI).

Dr. Anne-Marie Yazbeck who has led this project at HCP expects the outcome to be a wake-up call, saying “we are not yet finished with the assessment of the outcomes among the 30 countries covered by the EPCI but we are finding a distressing lack of information about many essential components of care for pancreatic cancer patients”.

“What is emerging from our work is that even healthcare systems and the medical profession lack knowledge about this form of cancer. The key question then is: how do such knowledge gaps affect treatment and chances of survival?”

The results of the index will be launched on February 24th (the birth date of Steve Jobs, who died from pancreatic cancer). A pre-launch webinar presenting the methodology used for the index will be held on February 14.  Regular updates will be posted on this site, via our Twitter feed and you can sign up to receive information by e-mail here on our homepage. Please also feel free to contact us at

The EPCI has received an unrestricted research grant from Celgene Inc.