With NCP:s a dead end, cross-border care still an EU illusion?

The National Contacts Points (NCP) are a flop. The NCP:s were intended to be the patient entrance to medical treatment in another EU country, according to the cross-border care directive. A new HCP study shows that with a few exceptions, these websites lack most of the information necessary for practical guidance. Is the European Commission really satisfied with this poor show?

Since 2013, every member state of the EU is obliged to support its citizens to move cross borders to access healthcare that, for various reasons, look more attractive than in the country of citizenship. Practically, this obligation means putting together the necessary information allowing consumers and patients to form an opinion, make a choice and go abroad for a treatment.

In fact, every government also has made available at the Internet what the Cross-border Care Directive named “National Contact Point”, or NCP. This obligation, in power since October 2013, looks fine at first sight – but when you take a more thorough, professional look you get deeply disappointed. And less Internet- or information proficient users have even better reasons for frustration.

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