Download  Published: 9/10/2013ISBN: 978-91-980687-1-9Pages 24

2013 Euro Vision Scorecard

The risk of suffering permanent blindness and visual impairment in Europe is falling. In the most successful countries, less than 3 % of people over 50 years old have their daily life restricted by sight loss. However, advances in preventing and treating sight loss are impeded by inefficient organization of care and poor access to medication. Equality gaps mean that citizens in Central and Eastern Europe remain up to three times more likely to suffer blindness or severe visual impairment than their Western counterparts.

The EVS has been developed by healthcare analysts Health Consumer Powerhouse Ltd., Stockholm. The Scorecard was published on October 9 to mark World Sight Day 2013. The project is supported by an unrestricted grant from Novartis AG.

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