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Euro Heart Index 2016

The Euro Heart Index (EHI) 2016 provides a ranking of cardiovascular healthcare systems in 30 countries across four key areas: Prevention, Procedures, Access to care and Outcomes, measured on 31 indicators. The maximum points achievable are 1 000. The 2016 edition is a follow up of the 2008 EHI. The Index is constructed from public statistics and independent research. The producer of the EHI is the Health Consumer Powerhouse Ltd, which has been analysing performance of European national healthcare systems in around 50 index publications since 2004. All HCP indexes take a consumer-centric position. The production of the EHI 2016 was supported by an unrestricted grant from Amgen Europe GmbH

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Austria Estonia Italy Portugal
Belgium (FL, FR) Greece Latvia Romania
Bulgaria Spain Luxembourg Sweden
Switzerland Finland Latvia Slovenia
Cyprus France Malta Slovakia
Czech Republic Croatia Netherlands United Kingdom
Germany Hungary Norway
Denmark Ireland Poland


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