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Euro Health Consumer Index 2012

The Euro Health Consumer Index (EHCI) 2012 is the sixth study made on European healthcare systems. The Index takes a consumer and patient perspective. EHCI, like the 16 other Health Consumer Powerhouse Indexes, offers reality checks for policy makers, empowerment to patients and consumers and an opportunity for stakeholders to highlight weak and strong aspects […]

Euro Headache Index 2012

As many as 50 million Europeans suffer from headache and migraine, for many with handicapping effects. Compared to other large diseases, there lacks outcomes data to tell what are the best therapies and if prevention matters. The first Euro Headache Index (EHI) compares in what way 29 European countries address and take care of headache […]

Nordic COPD Index 2010

The Nordic COPD Index is an effort to analyse and compare how COPD is prevented, diagnosed and treated in the 20 healthcare regions of the four Nordic countries Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, with the focus on COPD in primary care. COPD is a major, chronic disease affecting (among others) a very large share of people […]

Euro-Canada Health Consumer Index 2010

The Canadian Frontier Centre for Public Policy and the Health Consumer Powerhouse released the third annual Canada Health Consumer Index (CHCI). The Index evaluates the consumer-friendliness of Canada’s healthcare system. It compares Canada to 33 European countries by assessing the extent to which each national healthcare system meets the needs of healthcare users. In the study, analysts […]

Euro HIV Index 2009

HIV infection keeps growing in Europe. In order to improve care and conditions for people living with HIV/AIDS but also to prevent further spread of the disease, there is urgent need of reviewing and radically improving disease management in HIV/AIDS. Such change should include legal aspects, HIV care and social conditions. This was advocated by […]

Euro Health Consumer Index 2009

Download the Index Report >> Download the Index Matrix >> Download the Press Release >>   Local press releases Austria Albania Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Denmark Estonia Finland France FYROM Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxemburg Malta Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Romania Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland UK  

Euro-Canada Health Consumer Index 2009

The second Euro-Canada Health Consumer Index compares Canada with European countries when it comes to healthcare systems. For medical outcomes, Canada compares reasonably well with the best performing healthcare systems in Europe. On the generosity scale Canada collects an average score. With respect to patient’s rights, waiting times and availability of pharmaceuticals Canada places at the absolute […]

Euro Health Consumer Index 2008

The Euro Health Consumer Index 2008 report (pdf) » The Euro Health Consumer Index 2008 matrix (pdf) » General Press Release (pdf) » EHCI Tables and Figures (MS Word) » Euro Health Consumer Index 2008 Policy Recommendations (pdf) » Data sheets for all 34 indicators in the EHCI 2008 » Local Press Releases Austria Belgium […]

The Euro Consumer Heart Index 2008

The Euro Consumer Heart Index 2008 report (pdf) The Euro Consumer Heart Index 2008 matrix (pdf) Press release (pdf) HCP Cardiac care policy recommendations (pdf)   Local press releases Austria Belgium (French) Belgium (Dutch) Bulgaria Cyprus Czech Rep. Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Ireland Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal […]

Euro Health Consumer Index 2006

• Euro Health Consumer Index 2006 (en) • Euro Health Consumer Index 2006 (fr) Press Invitation General Press Release  • Press releases Austria Denmark Greece Lithuania Slovakia Switzerland (de) Belgium (fr) Estonia Hungary Luxembourg Slovenia Switzerland (fr) Belgium (nl) Finland Ireland Malta Spain Switzerland (it) Cyprus France Italy Poland Sweden The Netherlands Czech Republic Germany Latvia Portugal USA […]